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Aims and Objects of Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz 

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Aims & Objects (a)

1.  Basic points of struggle of JSQM will be Nationalism, secularism,democracy & Socialism.

2.  JSQM believes in national harmony and national struggle for the independence of Motherland Sindh (Political, cultural, economical & geographical) independence.

3.   The manifesto of JSQM is free state from, colonial, racism, religious, sexual and all other oppressing.

4.   JSQM believes that lower & middle class is actual and active strength.

5.  JSQM considers patriotic rising capitalist and land lord class as its partener.

6.  JSQM considers Sain GM Syed as leader of national independence of Sindh and His program and idea of independent Sindh, global caolation,global peace and development of human being will be spread and practiced under the name of "Paigham-e-Syed", "G.M'ism" & "Idea of Syed".

7.   JSQM will utilize all national resources to develop and make safe the national development and self respect in independent Sindhu Desh.

Aims & Objects (b)

1.  JSQM supports the alliance of all liberal and anti Punjab-dominance parties.

2.  JSQM considers Punjab and its foreigner associates as national foe while struggling.

3. JSQM considers all nations and movements as their associates who are fighting under the concept of latest nationalism.

4.   JSQM will activate and aware Sindhi nation and will struggle for the national right of independence of SindhuDesh.

5. JSQM will struggle for the freedom and existence of SindhuDesh Worldwide.

6.  JSQM will take part in the activities of international peace, humanity and the struggles of independence of oppressed nations around the globe.

7.   JSQM will consider Sain G M Syed's no-terrorism (Peaceful) idea as central idea for the freedom, development and defense of SindhuDesh,and will utilize each & every way, power and strategy of struggle to achieve the objective.


Introduction of Jeay Sindh Movement

Introduction of Jeay Sindh Movement

 "Jeay Sindh" movement was founded by Saeen G.M.Syeed in 1972. The motto of this movement to get liberation of Sindh and Sindhi nation from Pakistan. Today Saeen G.M. Syed is not with us but his message is still alive in the hearts of sindhi peoples. The will of his workers is as high and bold as himalaya mountains. They are restless to get independence from Punjabi imperialism. They are fighting on different issues on differnt fronts. The movement, which demands the creation of an independent.Sindhu Desh has a strong base among student and the emerging middle class. As the days passes,the hate for Pakistan and Punjabi is increasing in the hearts of Sindhi nation. Now Sindhi peoples come out to save their Sindh and its holiness. When Sindhi peoples are fighting for their rights, Pakistan and its tyrant Punjabies making intrigues to deface their peaceful struggle by alleging them of terriost activties. On the instance of Punjab, the rights of sindhi people were being usurped and the youths were being deprived of all jobs opportunities. Agriculture sector of sindh was being destroyed, its rich agricultural land was being converted into a desert while that of Punjab were being turned into a green land. Whole world and other humanitarian organisation ought to take notice against Pakistan and tyrant Punjabies for their barbric laws against innocent sindhies. They have crossed all the limits of barbarousness by stopping the watter of indus by different means and making announcement of constructing the Kallabag Dam and Thal cannal which are the projects of destructions of sindh's fertile lands.